Safa Al Shams Est. was established in the year 1990, located in Dammam, the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia to cater the needs of Proprietorship Enterprises, Private Small and Large Scale Business Enterprises, Govt and Simi Govt Industrial and Infra-structure projects constructed and built by local and foreign contractors and completed several mega projects thus developing the Saudi Arabia and trending the markets continuously in line of business encompasses of Bedding Items such as Blanket, Bedspread, Comforter, Bed sheet, Mattress, Pillow, Towel etc and House Furnishing Materials, Office Furnishing Materials and Employees related accommodation furnishing materials such as Bed, Cupboard, Table, Chair etc.

We are fully equipped with high caliber Procurement & Logistics Staff along-with Sales & Marketing who have extensive knowledge, experience and capabilities boasting a strong business relationship with various manufacturers and trade houses throughout the Kingdom and aim to suits the requirements of the end-user by Price-wise & Quality-wise.

We have established by keeping in mind to maintain durable & standard quality, meeting the price in accordance with the budget of an individual or company and at the same time meeting the target dates of delivery set by the clients, customers and end user, ensuring timely & efficiently delivery at the site of the customer.

We are working with a motto of Sales After Service and Customer's Satisfaction Principle by extending its whole hearted support by meeting the urgent deliveries at required dates or even on or before the delivery date by shouldering the extra freight cost at the time when the Clients or Customers are in the urgent need of ordered goods by preponing the date of delivery.

Safa Al Shams Est. in the last twenty five years is ONLY recognized in the whole of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by working shoulder to shoulder with an Individual or a Company by its loyalty, punctuality, commitment, price and quality and have taken stand in the Saudi Arabian markets with stability with the cooperation of small and big enterprises and mega Entrepreneurs.